The Bleeder: Stories, by Tad Simons

Most of you know me as a journalist, but I've been doing the whole "report the facts" thing for 30 years now, which is long enough. At some point, the imagination needs to untether itself from reality and go where it wants to, regardless of the facts. So I wrote these stories instead. 

Broken hearts, shattered souls, abandoned ideals, and inescapable fates are just a few of the themes I explore in my new short-story collection, The Bleeder. "Bleeding" in this case is a metaphor for pain and suffering, but the stories themselves are full of tragi-comic twists and humorous detours to places only the human imagination can go, or would want to.  If you're at all curious what I can do when there are no pesky fact-checkers around to correct me, buy a copy now, and find out. Thanks.