Tad Simons is an award-winning journalist who has received top honors from the Society for Professional Journalists, American Society of Business Press Editors, Folio, City Regional Magazine Association, Minnesota Magazine Publishers Association, and several other professional organizations. He has also won a Regional Emmy Award for his online coverage of arts and culture. 

Work Samples:

In the Fight Against Opioids, is America it’s Own Worst Enemy?: More than twenty percent of the U.S. population is in chronic pain. Why? (Aug. 2019, Thomson Reuters)

Why Civil Court’s Larger Problems Can’t Be Simplified Away: Civil courts are overwhelmed because Congress and the higher courts aren’t doing their jobs. (July, 2019, Thomson Reuters)

Managing the Unmanageable: The Story of a Small City's Creative Problem-Solving (Minnesota Cities magazine, Mar.-Apr., 2018): How the city of Avon overcame a wastewater plant it didn't need. 

2018 Legislative Session: Protecting Local Authority (Minnesota Cities magazine, Jan.-Feb., 2018): How Republicans are using so-called "pre-emption" legislation to diminish local decision-making power—something they used to support. 

A New Era in the Old War Between Teams and Ticket Scalpers: (Twin Cities Business, Feb., 2017): In-depth report on the evolution of the secondary ticket market (scalping) in Minnesota as teams and venues replace paper tickets with e-tickets and apps. 

Nordeast Nest With Energy to Spare (Midwest Home, Sept/Oct. 2016): Article on the most energy-efficient home in Minnesota, a house in Nordeast Minneapolis built using German "passive-house" construction techniques.

A Princely Sum (Twin Cities Business, July 2016): In-depth report on the fiasco surrounding rock-star Prince's heirs and estate.

Remembrance of Guthries Past (Mpls/St.Paul, Dec. 2015): Analysis of Guthrie artistic director Joseph Haj's directorial debut.

Dancing Outside the Shadows of the Law (SuperLawyers, August, 2015): Profile of Minneapolis lawyer Jan Conlin.

Master Class (Mpls/St.Paul magazine, January, 2015): In-depth profile of legendary Minnesota actress Sally Wingert.

Blue Note (Twin Cities Business, Sept., 2014): Making money as a musician has never been easy, and it still isn't.

The Cherry on Top (Mpls/St.Paul magazine, August, 2013): How Claes Oldenburg's SpoonBridge and Cherry became one of the most iconic sculptures in the world.

The Telltale Hearts (Mpls/St.Paul magazine, June 2013): How New Ulm, the butter city, is trying to completely eliminate heart attacks.

Walk, Don't Walk (Mpls/St.Paul magazine, Feb., 2013): In-depth report on pedestrian safety in the Twin Cities.

Counting Crows . . . and every other bird species in Minnesota: An inside look at how the Audubon Society goes about counting all the breeding birds in Minnesota. 

Does PowerPoint Make You Stupid?: Essay refuting Edward Tufte's infamous article, "The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint," in which he claims that a PowerPoint slide could have led to the Columbia shuttle disaster. (Presentations.com)

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